Proton Solar Inverter


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This is a rugged solar hybrid inverter, comes with full options.

Advantages of using proton solar inverter

It has a wide power input voltage.
With complete battery discharge and charge percentage.
The unit has an option of charging while it’s switched off.
The unit displays operating parameters like input and output put voltage, power frequency
300% overload protection.
Battery type selector to avoid overcharging and undercharging.  The unit is packed with a 120amp MPPT charge controller.

The inbuilt battery charger is 70amps.
It comes equipped with a four-stage intelligent battery charging system which are
Bulk charging, fast charging, steady charging, and float charging.
A complete trojan with great value for money.
With our 24/7 support services maintenance backup and unlimited source, you are in good

Additional information

Dimensions 6 × 4 × 1 cm

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