Proton Lw Pure sine Wave Inverter


Proton Lw low frequency inverter is a pure sine wave designed to provide uninterruptable power to your home. the unit is strong and reliable, built with 4th generation inverter technology, with 99.1 power conversion rate and 300% over load protection, the unit has unbuilt surge arrestor for surge protection,

with wide screen that has mimic diagram, which displays all operating parameter. Like

  1. battery percentage
  2. operating voltage and current. frequency.
  3. inverter charging mode

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Proton Lw inverter is a low frequency Pure Sign Wave Inverter, Base on transformer Technology.

Main Features

1. LCD digital display show voltage, load and battery info in real time.

2. Peak power is three times of rated power.

3. Can work with inductive load such as air conditioner, motor door and so on.

4. Pure sine wave output, available for sensitive load.

5. 4-step progressive charging, 7 battery type selector.

6. Fast and powerful charger with 20A/35A/50A/70A/90A.

7. Accept generator’s energy output.

8. High power factor 1.0, low power consumption.

9. Automatically transfer between battery and line modes.

10.Microprocessor control guarantees high reliability.

11.Remote control function.

12.Protection against: Over load, over temperature, over charging, low battery.


Model LW1000 LW2000 LW3000 LW4000 LW5000 LW6000
AC Input Nominal Power 1000W 2000W 3000W 4000W 5000W 6000W
Voltage 120VAC/230VAC 230VAC
Acceptable Voltage 194-243VAC/164-243VAC(wide mode)
Line low Transfer 85V±4%/184(154 wide mode±4% )
Line low Return 95V±4%/194(164 wide mode±4% )
Line high Transfer 135V±4%/253±4%
Line high Return 127V±4%/243±4%
Frequency 50Hz or 60Hz (auto sensing)
Line low Transfer 47Hz for 50Hz, 57Hz for 60 Hz
Line high Transfer 55Hz for 50Hz, 65Hz for 60 Hz
Out Input Phase &waveform Pure Sine Wave(bypass mode sync to input)
Voltage 100/110/120/130VAC, 208/220/230/240VAC (bypass mode sync to input)
Voltage Regulation ±10%rms(bypass mode sync to input)
Frequency 50Hz±0.3Hz(bypass mode sync to input)
Peak Power 3 times of rating power
Short Circuit Protection Yes, shutdown after 10ms
Power  Factor 0.9-1.0
DC Input Battery Voltage 12V/24V/48V 24V/48V
Minimum Start Voltage 10V for 12V, 20V for 24V, 40V for 48V
Low Battery Alarm 10.5V for 12V, 21V for 24V, 42V for 48V
Low Battery Transfer 10V for 12V, 20V for 24V, 40V for 48V
High Voltage Alarm 16V for 12V, 32V for 24V,64V for 48V
Max Charging Current 20A/35A/70A/90A
Over charge Voltage 15.7V for 12V,31.4V for 24V, 62.8V for 48V
Transfer Efficiency Line Mode >95%
Battery Mode >88%
Power saver Available when the load is less than 25 Watts
Indicators Switch selector Saving Mode is on/off when push the switch forwards/backwards ,
Keeping it horizontal is turning the inverter off.
Audible Alarm Sounding when the heatsink’s tem is over 105℃ and shutdown after 30 seconds.
Protections low battery/ over charging /over temp/over load
Communications RS-232/USB(custom-made)
Enviromental Operating Environment 0-40℃,0-90%℃ RH(non-condensing)
Audible Noise <60dB
Net Weight (KG) 18 20 22 35 38 40
Dimension(LxWxH) 446×218×179mm 605×218×179mm

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