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  • Sale! TNS-3-Phase-AVR

    TNS Three Phase Automatic Voltage Regulator

    • The AC voltage regulator has a large capacity & high precision.
    • Adopted compensated voltage technology.
    • Wide input voltage range.
    • Over voltage protection.
    • Output voltage three phase auto-balance (individual control).
    • The AC voltage regulator is equipped with bypass system.
    • LCD/LED/Analog display are all available.
    • AVR is a necessary electronic device in electric power supply syste
    ₦550,000.00 ₦500,000.00
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  • Sale! Avr-III-Series copy

    AVR III-RCE Series Ac Voltage Stabilizer AVR

    • Input Range: 125V~270V( 4 relays) 100V~270V(5 relays) 80V~270V(6 relays) above is 8% degree of accuracy. If the degree of accuracy is different, the quantites of relay will be changed also, for example input 176V~264V, the degree of accuracy is 5% and 5 relays.
    • Accuracy of voltage stabilization: 220±8%
    • Frequency: 50/60Hz
    • Low-voltage protection: 188V±4V, after low-voltage protection, the output will renew when output voltage run up to 195V.
    • Over-voltage protection 243±4V.
    • Over-temperature protection: 120℃,after over-temperature protection, the output will renew when the temperature fall under 80℃.
    • Short time delay(default setting):5s; long time delay( select by push-button switch): 255s.
    • Reaction time( voltage stabilization time) ≤200ms.
    • Overload protection: the overload proetcion start when it exceed 120% rated input current( Load Detective Time 2s).

    If protected, the output will be back after 10 sec. But after repeated 5 times, no automatic output anymore. You need to shutdown the unit by hand, then also power on again manually.

    ₦38,500.00 ₦35,000.00
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  • Sale! SVC Single Phase AVR

    SVC Single Phase Electrical Stabilizer (Cabinet Compensation)

    • Automatic voltage regulation
    • Protection against brownout & over voltage
    • The AC single phase voltage regulator has a wide input voltage range
    • Short circuit & overload protection
    • Selectable delay time
    • LCD/LED/Analog display available for your choice
    ₦220,000.00₦550,000.00 ₦200,000.00₦500,000.00
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